Discover the Picardy Shepherd


Who are we?

Our first encounter with the Berger Picard was in 1994 (Juno des Grandes Oreilles was our first Picard). Before that we had owned dogs of various breeds but ever since we had the pleasure of being around a Picard our interest in dogs in general and the Picard breed in particular has grown. In the meantime this has escalated and we are now the proud owners of a number of Picards. We have welcomed the Picard into our home and hearts.
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Is the Picard a suitable dog for you?

Most of the owners of Picardy Shepherds will tell you it is a very special breed of dogs. The Picardy Shepherd is not suitable for everybody. You need to develop the feeling to be able to handle the dogs correctly. This requires a great deal of ingenuity and creativity from the handlers side. Generally they are very sensitive dogs, especially in relation to their owner and the owners mood.
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Breeders "van de Bovendijkse Hoeve"

As far as breeding is concerned, we occasionally have a litter. The pups are raised and socialized in our home. We put a lot of energy in socializing the dogs. For us it is essential to make the start of a very long dog life as good as possible. Because not everybody is suitable to raise a Picard, it is essential to us to get to know the people who have shown us their interest in this breed. As we are very concerned with the well-being of our pups the warranty is not limited to our front door.
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